Sunday, November 16, 2008

Lets Paint a Child's Room

Little Girls Room

A Little Bit of France

The rest of these are one room, mural goes around entire perimeter of bedroom.

So, I've been at this painting thing for many, many years. I've learned a very few things along the way, like I always have tons of fun doing what I do. I'd like to give a few simple tips for making a childs room look fabulous.

First, always start with a fresh coat of water-based paint your walls. DON'T be cheap here, get the best quality you can afford. It will serve you well, and in the long run, the cheaper paints require more coats of paint - so you're not really saving any money. I prefer eggshell, but some mural artist like flat paint better. Eggshell or satin paint washes better, and when dealing with children's rooms, this quality goes a long way. (Trust me, I'm a mother of three children that rival some very well know graffiti artists.)

Second, when choosing the base color for your wall mural, try a bold color. When I paint on white, the result is never quite as dramatic. I say, get more bang for your buck, go bold with color. Since I very often paint outdoor scenes in children's murals, I prefer a sky blue to start with.
Third, paint the entire room. No, you don't have to paint everything in the room, but small accents painted around a room bring the entire theme together. For instance, I will sometimes paint a lovely arbor in a little girls room. Adding some flowers growing around the perimeter of the room and butterflies draws the viewers eye around the room.

Last, when painting a childs room, don't forget this is for the child. Add small details in your mural that will grab the interest of the child. Remember to put objects at your childs eye level, this becomes a great teaching tool as they grow. They will point out their favorite animal or butterfly (or whatever your theme is.) And don't forget to have FUN!!!!


About Me said...

These are gorgeous! I love your work.

Amanda said...

as always - your work is fab! i envy your attention to detail...
good tips - i agree that i like an eggshell base as well..

hope you are having a happy day!

sewitsforyou said...

these are beautiful. Wow you are super talented!

Nothinglikeit said...

Wow! I would have killed to have a room like that when I was a little girl!


RecreationalArt said...

your paintings are BEAUTIFUL!! I am so enviouse - I have never been able to paint or draw past a stick figure (unless it's abstract).