Friday, November 28, 2008

And the winner is.........

Congratulations...mommylion . Thank you all so much for your holiday inspirations. I know I am very inspired to get started on all the fun and amazing holiday celebrations I have planned.

First, I have some custom order ornaments to be working on, (so much fun). Then I plan on making oodles and oodles of homemade ornaments for my daughters Christmas tree. It is all pink and glittery, and we are planning on decorating it with yummy wooden ornaments like cupcakes, lollipops and slices of cake. I have some terrific etsy sellers helping me make some custom shapes.

Next, the kids and I are starting a gingerbread house of major frou frou proportions. It will be adorned with lots of sweet candy and pink flowers. Pictures to come.

And of course, the decorations. I'm looking forward to blog hopping and checking out everyone else's ideas.

Happy Holidays !!

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mommylion said...

I'm just so excited...thank you so much!!! And happy holidays!
Best wishes,