Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My Murals

Murals by Christina a.k.a.
Details of Last Supper Painting
Painted Medallion
Family Crest

Last Supper in its entirety - this is painted on canvas and applied to ceiling. Is removable, this mural was removed from this site, and reinstalled in another house.

Canvas Floral Painting

Decorative wall Niche

Elegant Bathroom
View of Tuscany

Italian Landscape

In Formal Dining Room

Painting directly on wall inspired by rococo period. Two views of same mural.

Ladies at Bath
Inspired by Francois Boucher

This is the beginning of my way to share my portfolio with the world. I am a mural artist, as well as creator of fine gifts and doll maker. I pretty much try everything that interests me, and I try to do them all well. However, murals are my first baby. I attended Florida State University, and received my degree in visual arts and art history. I went on to paint in the South Florida areas, covering private homes, businesses, and model homes. Currently, I am working more from home and have started a gift shop on etsy, called All the paintings you see are completely painted by me and me alone. I do not use projectors or stencils, so everything is painted freehand. Acrylic paint is my medium of choice, however, I am able to use other mediums such as watercolor, pencil, etc. etc. Much of my work is inspired by artists throughout history, such a Francois Boucher, Michelangelo, rococo artists, and renaissance art. My history background helps me in my research and knowledge of the past and present, which is reflected by my work.
If you are interested in contacting regarding murals, you can e-mail me at . Thank you for taking the time to view my portfolio. I will be adding products from my gift shop, as well as the children section of my portfolio soon.

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Amanda said...

christina - your murals are beyond fabulous!!!!!Why can't you live closer so i could refer you to everyone here in chicago!!!!

You will laugh when you see my murals - i do pretty much just kids rooms (by choice) - haha - what a difference we have!!

so glad to have found each other ,will check back to see what your up to!
your etsy friend,
amanda (a.k.a whirleygirl)