Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Getting Back To My Roots

So, in all the years I have been painting and creating art, I've always loved doing portraits the most. Even as a kid in school, my portrait work was what I enjoyed the most. I was always fascinated by the minor differences in peoples faces, and how I could almost imagine a personality to go along with the person I was painting or drawing.
Once I got into college, I relished the life drawing classes. I so loved seeing peoples different bodies, young and old, fit and fat. They were all beautiful in their own way! Even my photography would go primarily be of those subjects.
After school, I went into mural painting. Although I did do some figurative work, most of my painting was of very different subjects, mostly decorative. Don't get me wrong, I love decorative art, I never quite got the philosophy that pretty art was somehow inferior to beautiful paintings. That tended to be the mindset while I was in college, my work was discriminated because it was too "pretty". That didn't make much sense to me when I studied the most famous artists throughout history, such as Michelangelo and Da Vinci, whose work was both beautiful and meaningful.
Well, after all of these years I have been going back to my first love of portrait work and figurative work. I am really excited about doing some of this, although I have no intention of stopping my decorative work either. I feel that any art and creative process that makes me and my viewers happy is well worth doing:)


Bev said...

Oh to be as talented as you!!! Your portraits are awesome...I love your work...Blessings!!


Lucky Pebble said...

I think I have written this before and if I haven't shame on me. You are incredibly talented.

RecreationalArt said...

Hey! nice post - gives a little insite to the real you. I have given you a blog award! Stop by my blog to pick it up!! Hope you have a great day
Rose XD