Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Spring!!!!

The Easter Bunny arrived with a big smile because he got to eat the yummy delicious carrot that my daughter left for him. He also arrived with lots of treats and goodies for my three cutie pie kids. This year, I helped Peter Cotton Tail by painting great little wooden totes for my kids to fill on their egg hunt. I used my most favorite wood crafter on etsy ( to make me these awesome totes. I asked him to make something like a basket, that I knew my kids would love. As always, he delivered me the most perfect items just waiting for my paint brush! I'm really happy with the way these came out.
Etsy also helped the Easter Bunny fill up the baskets with great goodies. The most adorable cupcake soaps, in such scrumptious scents by These soaps smell as good as they look, and actually made my daughters beg to get in the bathtub last night. I also got them the cutest Boo Boo Bunnies, by My kids all likes this, but one of my daughters insists on wearing it as a bracelet:) I also ordered adorable little clips for the girls hair (my poor son really get cheated out with all the girly stuff) by They are so beautifully crafted, and my oldest daughter refused to wear the clips I made to match their dresses because she had to wear the ones by myfamilyties. Last, the amazing crafters on etsy even dressed my kids! I purchased two gorgeous Easter dresses by
Thank you so much etsy!!!!

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